Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Guy

I love the fall. It is my favorite season. We are really lucky to see such vibrant oranges, yellows and reds on our trees this year.

This is a beautiful picture taken by Barbara Ebert (my mom-in-law). I think it really captures this moment in time.

Sue, Seve and I went to the zoo yesterday, and let me tell you, this is the time to go! The trees tie together the trails and exhibits into a tapestry of jeweled flora and fauna - not sparkly and showy, but subtle, reflective and deep.

The lions were right up against the glass. The “cubs” are 3 years old now and when Seve put up his hand to the clear surface, the lion would put up her paw. Then she would roll over, like a giant domestic short-hair attempting to play.

A bear was also sacked out right up against the glass, limbs splayed in all directions, clearly unworried about keeping its gender a secret!

The Oklahoma Trails exhibit is stunning right now. The trees have really grown up since construction was completed, and the waterfalls are beautiful, flowing in still motion, sending serene white noise into the fresh, autumn air.


  1. Thanks for the idea!! Sounds like a good time for the OKC Zoo and the Little River Zoo in Norman.

  2. What a gorgeous picture Barb took, and what well chosen words were written to describe the season of fall!