Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Dragon Likes to Eat.....

ME: (smelling a delicious dinner that LD's mom is cooking) So what's for dinner?

LD: Barbecue bison sandwiches and twice-baked potatoes.

ME: That sounds GOOD. (It's 7PM and I am hungry too....let's talk more about food) So what is your favorite food of all time?

LD: Well, that would probably be a tie between 20 or 30 different foods. It just depends on what I am in the mood for.

ME: Sure

LD: But one thing that I am always in the mood for is doughnuts.

ME: Yeah, doughnuts are good.

LD: And snails.

ME: (pause...analyzing for sincerity) Really?

LD: Yes, they are so good. You just have to pretend that you are not actually eating snails cooked in butter.

ME: Does your mom make snails or do you usually get them at a restaurant?

LD: If my mom could make snails, I am pretty sure that we would have them everyday.

ME: So a restaurant then?

LD: Yeah, there is this restaurant in Michigan, by my summer camp, that makes them.

ME: Nice. So they have a good French chef there?

LD:'s not French...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Dragon - Holy!

ME: The note that gets four counts is called the whole note. And it's called that because it takes up the WHOLE measure in a 4/4 time signature, not because it looks like a hole.

LD: OK, so it's not called a whole note because it looks like the hole my dad dug in the front yard that went too deep and he hit a pipe and then our toilets didn't work.

ME: Exactly.

I guess whether it's "whole" or "hole" somebody ends up having to hold it.

Little Dragon - Spicy!

LD: Can I play you a song on my recorder?

ME: Sure!

(LD starts putting it together)

ME: That's a big one. Is it an alto?

LD: Yes, it is an alto. I can also play the other one though, the......uh.....the jalapeno one.

ME: (Blank stare) Oh! Do you mean the soprano one?

LD: Oh yeah! (giggles)

Next time I want to hear some salsa music, I am going to find a virtuoso of the jalapeno recorder.