Saturday, January 5, 2013

Severin's Favorite Music These Days

Severin calls this "Velociraptor Music" and usually provides the following narration - "The Velociraptors are chasing tiny mammals, and the tiny mammals are too fast for the velociraptors catch them!"

This is known as "Triceratops Music" and at the 1:40 mark"the Triceratops turn a corner and find a huge herd of Giganotosauruses!"

Severin loves the show "Chased By Dinosaurs" with Nigel Marven, and he calls this piece "the music that's the same as when Nigel Marven sees the T-Rexes".  (It's not the same, but apparently it sounds similar).   The music at 1:25 is the start of a vicious T-Rex dance!

Other recent favorites (back in the fall especially) have been Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Bach (which Severin calls "Ghost Engine Music"), The Rite of Spring by Stravinsky, and Danse Macabre by Saint Saens (a HUGE favorite known as "Skeleton Music").

Wolfgang mostly goes with the flow these days, but his opinions are quickly becoming more pronounced.    For the record, his favorite dinosaur is Triceratops ("Tops!").