Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Here is the Spring Tomato and Pepper List for 2017

I am happy to offer seven different varieties of tomatoes for sale this year.   After growing about 30 different kinds over the last few years, these seven really stand out in terms of production, taste and vigor.

 All plants are organically raised and cost $3 a piece.  I am planting on February 15 and they will be available in early April.   Please email me at  if you’d like to place an order, and I’ll plant some seeds for you! 

Kellog’s Breakfast

This producer of large orange tomatoes performed very well over the course of the season.   I didn’t really even have it in a great spot, so I’m excited to place it in a sunnier location this year to see if it does even better.  The fruits were very smooth in their flavor - perhaps a tad bit subtle, though more sun may change that, and always sweet and delicious.       


Wow, this plant did so well last year.   The fruit production was constant and continued all the way into the Fall.  It also seemed to do well in the heat compared to other nearby plants.  Nice, big, sweet fruits with a darker coloration.  

Cherokee Purple

Similar to Carbon but with a thinner skin, this famous heirloom variety was absolutely delicious in 2016.  

Dwarf Sweet Sue

This is my all-around favorite tomato plant right now.  The medium-small yellow globes are the prettiest fruits I have grown, and the flavor is excellent - very sweet with a bit of a tang.  The foliage features thick, potato leaves that hold up well into the Fall.  Also, being bred from dwarf tomato plants, it doesn't grow quite as quickly as other varieties, so it works very well in smaller spaces.  I’m pretty sure I’ll grow this one every year.


This is truly the “gold” standard in cherry tomatoes.   The thin skin and sweetness will cause a flavor explosion when you pop one or two of these into your mouth.

Eva Purple Ball

This wonderful heirloom produces a ton of smaller pink fruits.  They are tasty and the plant remained very healthy late into the season.   If you’re looking for yield, this one will come on strong in the mid-season and keep producing until late.

 Stump Of The World

When I got a really good one of these fruits, nothing was tastier in the garden.  There was liquid sunshine running through these large pink tomatoes.   And it yielded constantly throughout the season. 

And Peppers!

I am offering three kinds of peppers this year, because I really only had three that performed really well.   I definitely have a few new ones I’m looking forward to trying this season!

Early JalapeƱo

This plant produces an abundance of small jalapenos. By Fall, they are usually falling off the plant because of their huge numbers. I’ve also noticed that they seem to get hotter and hotter as the season progresses.  I can’t keep up. 

Emerald Giant

This plant was fantastic this year producing lots of nice, blocky sweet peppers.  If you like green peppers, these are amazing.  If you’re like me and you prefer your peppers fully ripe, then wait for them to turn red - delicious!   It’s definitely been a winner in my garden.

Lipstick Peppers

These smaller, red peppers are sweet.  I don’t think I ever cooked them or cut them up.  I just picked them and ate them, tossing the stems out in the yard.