Monday, October 19, 2009



by G.A. Compton

Wide marked with fallow graves is patient earth
Where peasants, scheming rogues and palsied kings
Crept to the teeming womb that gave them birth
To boast a brief dominion over things.
She watched them fashion crowns from her best gold;
And from her ore, hot gyves and blades of war;
She saw them scratch papyrus with the bold
And childish letters, lord and avatar.

Earth laves her wounds with rain spun from her seas,
And drops a seed upon her shrinking scars--
Then, rhythmic beauty dances to the breeze
With arms of silver waving at the stars-

Thru centuries its liquid finger mulls
Its nectar in the crater of men's skulls.


  1. Whoah! That's awesome!
    Who is this poet, again?

  2. These poems were written by my great uncle, G.A.(Berry) Compton. We were always told that at one time he was the poet laureate of West Virginia, but we can find no record of that. He was a very gifted writer who had his work published. Susan Adams

  3. This poem is excellent; I love it. He was clearly a talented and insightful man. Are any of his works still in print?

  4. Thanks, Dr. While Berry published many different little chat books - I think he only had one major publication. The book is called Puns, Poetry and Prose by G.A. Compton. It was published in 1950 and is no longer in print. I bought a copy from an antique book dealer online.

    thanks again,


  5. Thanks for the information, Steven. I've managed to track down a copy online, and look forward to its arrival. Cheers!