Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A New Job this First Day of April!

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a position as Government Liaison for the Christian Science church!   My first step is to organize a lawsuit against the federal government for requiring the health insurance offered by Christian Scientist-owned businesses to cover doctors.   Private business owners who are members of the church are happy to provide insurance which covers prayer treatments, but doctors violate their beliefs.

I am also doing a little part-time work for some Jehovah's Witness business owners.  They want to offer their employees insurance that does not cover blood transfusions.  Medical treatment is OK, but remember that we should all "abstain from blood" as prescribed by Acts 15.  

I know that all business owners could simply opt out of providing coverage and instead pay a fee which is smaller than current insurance costs, and I realize that no person is ever being required to make use of a medical service (the government is just trying to make sure the option is available in their coverage) but this is a question of religious liberty folks!

After we wrap up these cases, I  hope to start my own lobbying firm.  We hope to introduce a new Line Item Taxation Amendment which will allow all Americans to simply choose which programs their tax dollars will fund.  Who needs compromise in the legislative process?   Who even needs a democratic republic anymore?  Let's do it directly.  Don't agree with paying for a road, a military plane or environmental regulations?  Then opt out!   

Our next project is the Line Item Law Amendment which will allow citizens to only follow the laws which they want to follow.  There are people arrested for drunk driving every day who don't think there is anything wrong with it!   Why should they have to obey a law with which they disagree?

Working together as a community to create civilization should never even hint at stepping on the toes of whatever an individual feels like doing at any given moment.   Let's work together to make this happen!  

If you feel like it!