Friday, July 24, 2009

Concert on August 6!

My new organization - From The Plain Music - is putting on our first event!

The show will feature different groups of teachers and students playing together. There will be several classical duets, a folk-pop group, a bluegrass band and a string quartet.

The event is from 6-8 PM on Thursday August 6 at the Untitled Art Space located at 1 NE 3rd street in Downtown OKC. (That was a lot of prepositions...) Be sure to arrive at 6 so that you can check out the modern quilt exhibit on display. Then the music will begin and will last about an hour. We're combining students and teachers - and music and visual art! Should be a great time. I really hope that everyone can make it out.

From The Plain Music is an organization dedicated to creating more exposure to music in Oklahoma City.

Check out Untitled Artspace at

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meow for your health.

I was at the doctor's office today, and I noticed a poster on the wall about pets and health. The conclusions were:

People who own cats have a 40% less risk of heart disease.
People who own cats are less likely to die of any premature cause, although heart disease is the only category with statistical significance.
Studies of dog owners are inconclusive.

Dogs are great, I love dogs, but they require a lot. Cats don't require too much. They are symbols of relaxation - a reminder to not take things so seriously.

But I feel that owning pets in general is a healthy thing, and I wonder about personalities that gravitate towards dogs or cats. My gut feeling, which does not count for too much, says that type A personalities will gravitate more towards dogs. Perhaps some of these people are already more prone to stress?

Does a person's pet selection contribute to their overall health? Or do certain personalities, along with their health tendencies, gravitate more towards a similar pet selection? Who knows?

My cat is waiting for me to go to bed so he can lay down between my feet......