Monday, October 19, 2009

Der Fuehrer

This is one of many poems Barry wrote during WWII, when the fate of the world was still very much up in the air.

Der Fuehrer

by G.A. Compton

The world has seen great empires tumble on
The foolish heads of greater men than you:
You, with your big complex, Napoleon,
And gangster-laughter at a murdered Jew -
A painter with dead Alexander's dream;
A corporal with Caesar's lost desire;
A little Hun, with arson torch agleam,
Setting a writhing, tortured earth on fire.

Simpering, drooling kings have torn down
What saintly seers have builded thru the years;
Each ounce of gold in each barbaric crown,
Has been bought with an anguished nation's tears!
When we think of their fates we do not fear
Your foolish putty-face and clownish leer.


  1. Steven, that's wonderful. It's easy to see that writing runs in your family. I wonder, did Mr. Compton live to see der fuehrer fail?


  2. Hey Barb, thanks!

    He did indeed live long enough. His book "Puns, Poetry and Prose" was published in 1950, and I know he lived quite a bit beyond that. I am not certain how long though.