Monday, November 23, 2009

Revelation by G.A. Compton

When I think of that wide expanse of Night,
And all my mind urged by my soul and heart
Peers at its opaque walls with finite sight,
And sees but doubt step forth with poisoned dart;
When I ask if death's shoals do border on
that ageless, graspless thing, Oblivion,
Or is the Lethe-sloping shore to dawn,
Soft as the touch that lulled Endymion-
Then the immortal love, my dear, that you
Have brought, lifts me above my mortal ken,
('Tho reason, with all logic, may not view
The scene confounding tongue and agile pen;)
And I look down at doubt from far above
And know there is a God, and God is Love.


  1. Hi Steven, what a lovely poem to read after getting home from our 42nd anniversary dinner tonight. On the way home we commented on how beautiful the stars were tonight. Then I come home and read the beautiful poem you posted today. Thank you; thank you.


  2. Happy Anniversary, Barb - to two of the best people I know!