Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hoop Dreams

Have you seen the documentary Hoop Dreams? It follows two aspiring basketball players from their middle school days through college. It is one of the most engaging films you will ever see.

I rented it about 10 years ago. It was late and I needed to get up early the next morning to teach a few cello lessons. I made the mistake of popping in the movie, thinking that I would only watch a few minutes until I was sleepy. Three hours later, I finally turned in.

The next morning I was very tired (but inspired!).

In his most recent blog, Roger Ebert calls Hoop Dreams "the great American documentary."

Here is the original Siskel and Ebert review.


  1. Steven, thank you for posting the "Hoop Dreams" clip. Though I haven't watched it, I think I will. Your comment about it being inspiring reminds me of a story I read in today's paper about the Jerome Ersland trial being televised. The Oklahoma Co. Distict Judge Tammy Bass-LeSure said she consulted with other judges. She said some were for televising the trial while others were against it. She recalled that as a little girl she had watched the movie "To Kill a Mockingbird,” and it had changed her life. These two very different examples underscore for me the importance of art in our lives. Music, film, poetry, good literature, all have the potential to create "aha" moments that can stay with us our entire life. It's beautiful, really, isn't it? -barb

  2. Yes - those "aha" moments are a huge part of who we are. I certainly consider them to be a spiritual experience - reinforcing the connection between us all.

    I have read those moments described not as the experience of something new - but rather as a moment of recognition of something that was already there inside of us.