Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Another Ten Percenter.......

Most people know that my "theology" is liberal. Very liberal. I have noticed that oftentimes, these days, the more conservative a church's service, the more liberal the theology. A strict liturgy goes along with an open-minded, metaphorical interpretation of Scripture. More literal-minded churches have contemporary praise bands, skateboarding and televised services played on big screens at different franchises/campuses.

Obviously, I am over-generalizing. There are many conservative, traditional services and many liberal, contemporary services out there - but please accept the "Tithe Rap" as, in the words of my friend Adrian Brown, "one more reason to stick with traditional worship."


  1. Oh, my god- that is creepy-funny-appalling. What an amazing link.

  2. It may be a generalization, but anecdotally it seems so true. Good old Church of England, by golly, they don't even care if you're coming to church! ;-)

  3. Burk, No doubt!

    Pop Culture - 1

    Taking some time each week to reflect on what's important - 0


    Are you Episcopalian?

  4. Indeed, I went to an Episcopalian church, at least before I left the States.

  5. I wish I could dance like that.

  6. that poor guy on the far right. he must not have been as inspired.