Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Dragon endorsed by Apple?

Me: "So what did you get for Christmas?"

LD: "I got an iPad!"

Me: "Cool! What do you use it for?"

LD: "Well, I like to watch movies on it and play games on it. Oh hold on..."

LD receives a text on his iPhone, but politely puts it to the side. I look behind him and see the iPad on his desk. Then I look behind that and see a Macbook. Then I look behind that and see an iMac desktop. Apparently LD has received an endorsement from Apple. But seriously, what will upper middle class parents buy their teens and tweens next Christmas if Apple fails to put out a new product in 2011?


LD: "Wouldn't it be terrible to be born on Feb. 29 of a leap year?

Me: "Sure it would. Only one birthday party every four years!"

LD: (thoughtfully and seriously) "I guess the good part is that it would really slow down your aging."


LD: "I made up a joke!"

Me: "Let's hear it!"

LD: "What did the duck say when someone asked him what fifteen times four is?"

Me: "What?"

LD: "Quack."

I have told that joke about ten times now.....


This one is from a couple of years ago, but it is very relevant this week.

Me: “Two days off of school! So what have you been up to? Besides practicing your guitar, of course....”

LD: “Not too much. I’ve been pretty bored. I’m actually glad there’s school tomorrow.”

Me: “I guess school being closed is fun for a while, but then you can get kinda stir crazy.”

LD: “Yeah. Yesterday we got so bored, that me and my mom went outside and looked at where the dog had just gone to the bathroom. Then we covered it with snow to see if it was hot enough to melt the snow.”

Me: “Wow. That is.....pretty bored.”

LD: “The snow won.”


  1. Already told 3 people the quack joke. One I told as I was passing by her desk... she was still cackling with laughter when I was 50 feet away. Tell LD kudos.