Monday, February 7, 2011

Little Dragon and a Big Saint Bernard

Me: Do you recognize the song I am playing?

LD: Yes! It''s.....Ode to Joy!

Me: Very good! And who is the composer of this tune?

LD: I don't know.

Me: Oh come on, it's probably the most famous composer name out there. You know, crazy hair, writing music - who you think of when you think "composer"!

LD: Leonardo Davinci!

Me: Well, that is not a composer. At least not that I know of. Come on! Beethoven!

LD: Oh! I should just remember to think of bacon.

Me: (pause, trying to sort this out) Why...bacon?

LD: Because of that movie about the dog.

Me: Oh, ok. The movie with the big dog named Beethoven.

LD: Yeah.

Me: Did he always eat bacon? Is that the deal?

LD: Well, the dog always ate lots of stuff.

Me: OK, well let's give this a try then, shall we?

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