Friday, August 23, 2013

Another Night

Apparently this aired during the last commercial break of Letterman this week (I assume regionally?) - and no one told me!   

I really enjoyed playing with Graham, and I look forward to hearing the new album this fall.  I contributed cello tracks on two or three songs back in the spring.

The moustache has gone, but the music remains.


  1. Congratulations.. sounds wonderful! It is great how cello is becoming increasingly mainstream in pop/folk, for that soul sound.

  2. Thanks, Burk! I have been very pleased in recent years at the resurgence of acoustic, live instruments. I have played more cello jobs in the the recording studio over the last two years than I did in the previous 10.

    Luckily, the cello seems a very likable instrument. And it's usually easier to get a cellist to arrange and lay down some cello tracks in person than it is to try to program it using a sound bank. PLus, as you say, is has more "soul". :)