Saturday, December 17, 2011


I am so happy that I have completed the music for the documentary "Where Did The Horny Toad Go?"!

This project took around a year, off and on, to complete. I am grateful to the patient filmmakers who understood my time/energy constraints.

It felt absolutely wonderful to hand over the drive containing the music to Stefanie Leland last night!

I hope to write a couple of blogs sometime soon to describe the process of watching the film, imagining music, thinking of the pacing, recording demos, recording again, editing, mixing, etc. It was a lot of work, but it's work that I love to do.

The film music consists of 37 different tracks. All together it's around an hour's worth of music. I will be releasing it in album form sometime in 2012, but I will condense it down to around 25 tracks (40 minutes in length), since several of the movie tracks are quite similar to each other.

The orchestration of the music consists of acoustic guitar, mandolin, cello, violin and melodica. And shakers make one appearance (in the music for the opening credits described below).

Here is an unmastered sample. This is the music for the opening credits, a minute and a half in length, which features two of the main musical ideas of the film. The first is the music of the horny toad - quirky, playful and a bit wild. The second is the music of childhood and the memories of those who remember interacting with these fascinating creatures. Thanks for listening!


  1. I love it! As usual, I am impressed. I can't wait to hear the whole thing. And, I think the instrument choices are perfect for the image of a lone horny toad wandering around a ditch a few blocks away from some 1980's suburban spread.

  2. Wonderful opening for the soundtrack! Definitely need the complete score after hearing the first 90 seconds.

  3. I love it - your personality shines through this music, and I think Stephanie couldn't have found a better fit for her project. Beautiful recording, super fun and DEFINITELY "bargy"!