Friday, May 28, 2010

What the Hail?

I was in a guitar lesson with my student Sam the other day. He asked me,
"Have you seen my video on YouTube?"

I had not. And apparently I am one of the few people on the web who hadn't.

"It has about 3 million hits. It's a video of our pool during the hailstorm.
It's been in the paper and on Good Morning America. Reporters
have been calling me about it too....."

Wow. Sam took a quick video of some amazing hail footage. Then he posted it
on YouTube under "Hail storm Oklahoma City."
And that is all he did. Then it was watched over 3 millions times. We live in amazing times.

And the hail storm totaled our '07 Camry. Rocked it. Blasted it.
And it took out three windows at the house, and we'll get a new roof.

But there are a lot of people who lost all their windows.

A hail storm is easier on a pool.


  1. Steven, Mark suggests you set this to music :) -barb

  2. That is pretty amazing. I was too busy hiding to take any great video!