Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another debate on the Resurrection

I highly recommend listening to the closing statements by Marcus Borg and William Lane Craig in this "debate". The quotes around debate are because Craig approaches this as a traditional philosophical debate, whereas Borg adopts a less argumentative, more pastor-ly tone. I think liberal Christians will be happy with Borg's closing statement and conservatives will probably be happy with Craig's. The whole discussion is pretty interesting, but in the interest of time you can get most of the point from the two five minute closing statements.

Check it out here.

If you like that, then definitely check out the closing remarks of the Bill Craig/John Shelby Spong debate, which I wrote about here.


  1. Thanks for calling this debate/dialogue/conversation to my attention. Interesting material here.

  2. Outside the four-dimensional space-time manifold? This is embarrassing to listen to. That people still spin stories about the element of physicality of the risen Jesus and other such flummery, evidently with a straight face, ... shows how desperate we are for psychic comfort and self-inflation. Isn't it time to put such animism aside?

  3. Eric,

    yeah, I have really enjoyed these two "debates". I know some people do not care for the Spong/Borg approach to Craig's more strict debate techniques, but I find their performances to be right on the money.


    Yeah, I cracked a pretty big grin when I heard that too. I think people are within their epistemic rights to speculate about such things, but Craig claims to be basing his life and career on this type of thinking. He's always arguing for plausibility, but cleverly making it sound like he's arguing for probability.