Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blog Adventures again

I have too many discussion going on. But here they are if you are bored! They are with fairly conservative Christians, and we usually end up debating the source of morality and stuff like that.

Here Doug Peters and I discuss the difficult issue of abortion under "Hypocrisy and other fun subjects." The forum labeled "God's Morality" also discusses an interesting subject.

Here on Burk Braun's blog, "Darrell" and I discuss matters such as the reasons for and perceived source of our morality.

There are a lot of comments here on Wade Burleson's blog on all things Baptist, but Benji Ramsaur and I discuss the basis for our views on Scripture. He believes that Scripture is self-authenticating, meaning that we "receive" our feelings on it and respond to them, rather than needing to have any reasons for our thoughts on it. I disagree.

Anyone can jump in anywhere, by the way. Towards Truth is a smaller forum and could use a few more participants. If you feel like debating, there is always a place on the internet! Hopefully we all view the debates as acts of partnership in trying to think better ourselves.


  1. Hi, Steve-

    What a great cartoon! I am thoroughly enjoying your exchange with Darrell. A real person, by the way, who I even met once- he was a pastor in a church up the street whom I approached about creationism, as his church was having an open house. Led to a many year's long discussion that prompted me to blog in the first place. He has really made me a better person and thinker.

  2. I have to thank Skyhook for pointing out the great cartoon to me.

    I appreciate the evaluation of your relationship with Darrell. Debate partners have definitely made me a better thinker as well.

  3. Steven,

    I'm glad you and Benji are debating. He's a great guy. A little iron sharpening iron!

    Thanks for contributing to the discussion!


  4. Thanks for providing the forum, Wade!

    Yes, I have really enjoyed the conversation with Benji. Epistemology is always an interesting discussion as it affects the foundations of anything we claim to know. Thanks for stopping by.